Electrical Outlet Installation Services in  Lakewood, Colorado

Every day, the average home relies on electricity to do practically everything. Families depend on constant electricity for almost all their daily activities such as watching TV, operating the refrigerator and lighting purposes. Nevertheless, it is quite pointless to have power without outlets.

Broken outlets or outlets that cannot supply the power needed by an appliance can be annoying and dangerous too. At the point when a family needs to fix or update outlets inside a home, a neighborhood electrician will guarantee the activity is done well and fulfills all safety guidelines.

What’s new with electrical outlet installation?

Whether your home is older or newer, there are likely a few upgrades with your outlets that you could benefit from. From GFCI outlets to USB and smart outlets, outlets have made some amazing progress since the standard two dimensional models introduced in each home. Continue below to learn about the range of options for upgrading your home’s electrical outlets.

Switched Outlets

This particular type of outlet usually has a port with a switch affixed in place of the other port. The electricity can be blocked or allowed from the outlet so that it doesn’t always have to be powered on. You may simply switch the outlet on or off rather than unplug the unit.

GFCI Outlets

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet is designed to halt the flow of electricity when a short circuit occurs or a ground fault is identified. In particular, this protects against electrocutions from water, which is why they are needed for kitchens and bathrooms or anywhere near water. They look just like the standard outlets but they have two buttons that are used to reset the tripped outlet. If you live in an older home that has any outlet other than a GFCI outlet within six feet of a water source, call in a professional electrician to install them to prevent serious injury to your family.

AFCI Outlets

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter AFCI outlets only became standard in 1999, so older homes may not have them. Today, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters are placed in a breaker box in order to prevent electricity jumping between wires, which is a fire hazard. A professional electrician can install AFCI outlets in an older home, and would do so either at the breaker box, or right at the beginning of each circuit so the whole line is protected.

20A Outlets

The standard household outlet doesn’t supply enough power to run some larger appliances, such as stoves or washing machines. Places like the kitchen or laundry room usually have 20A outlets that provide more power to devices that need a lot more energy to run. These outlets look like the regular ones, except they have a tiny horizontal slit on the left side to be recognized as a 20A outlet.

If there is constant tripping in your breakers you may have to upgrade to the 20A outlet styles.

USB Outlets

Modern devices usually use USB cords for powering themselves but the conventional outlets are not suitable for them without an adapter, which is pretty inconvenient. Some outlet styles are available in the market these days that integrate USB ports into the outlet. USB outlets either include four USB ports or two USB ports and two regular ones. Families can have a choice between the two models and have an expert perform the electrical outlet installation, depending on the requirements of the family and home areas.

Smart Outlets

If you use a smart outlet, you can use an app or even voice-controlled speaker to manage the plugged-in device. This makes it easier for the user to remotely control the devices.

Having your lights set to turn on and off at certain times is a good way to make burglars believe someone is at home, even when you’re not. Another reason to do this is to lower your energy bills and increase the outlet’s efficiency. Smart outlets cost more than normal outlets but their use and advantages are countless.

If the outlets are out of order or they have burn marks on them they should be inspected by an electrician. Working with electrical power can be hazardous for those new to the different wires and the home’s system, particularly if there are issues. To maintain a strategic distance from any superfluous hazard, consistently call your electrician for help with any electrical outlet work you require.